Our Services
   Workshop PC-Repair

Here at Techserv, we provide a wide range of services and expertise at very competitive and affortable prices. If you are having problems with your computer, or if you're thinking of upgrading. We would be glad to provide you with ideas and solutions to help make your computer work for you.
As it is our aim to become leaders in our field and to adhere to applicable intenational computer laws and regulation, we wish to inform you of our workshop policy with regards to the following:
* Workshop Policy - 
Kindly read thru our workshop's policy.
Data loss
Although every precautions is taken to ensure that data loss does not occur during maintenance and repair work, we shall not be held responsible in the event thst it does occur.
We strongly recommend that all important data be backed up prior to bringing in your computer. Alternatively, we can back up the data if you provide us with a list of your files and preferred locations.
Software License
Under no circumstances will the company load software without its original and authenticated disk and license information. We will also decline work on operating system which appear to be pirated versions.
System Reloads
If your system needs to be reloaded, all authenticated software owned by you shall be notice to us before we proceed system reload. If these authenticated software cannot be supplied, we would have to supply full retail licenses for the missing software.
Reloading your system will have the system setting be set back to the day when you purchased your computer/software. This will also mean that any if any internet settings before system reload will be lost. Kindly arrange for any system setting before you had your system reload.
Turn Around Time
As it is not always possible to anticipate the amount of our workload at any given time, we will, nevertheless, try to get your computer up and running within the shortest time frame.
   Networking Products and Solutions

Techserv Technology's engineer specialize in installing, supporting and troubleshooting networking system & products design for small and large businesses. Our customer benefit from a properly designed, backed up, secured and protected network with minimal interruptions to its service.

With years' of experience in the field, our profession consultants and engineers are ready to tailor a networking system - complete with all necessary hardware and software, that's just fit for your needs and budget. On top of that, Our profession will help you looking forward for scalability and to allow for future expansion.  

Techserv Technology can get your custom solution installed and communicated within a minimal time frame, and at affordable price.

   Internet / Intranet Solution

With our profession, we can help to setup your ADSL, dial-up Modem, configuration and connection to the internet via any service provider within a minimal time frame.
Techserv Technology can get your custom solution installed and communicated within a minimal time frame, and at affordable price.

   Computer Rental

Having a bad time with mulfunction system can be critical as when a task need to be carry out without any failure. Techserv Technology have a solution for you critical problem. We also provide Rental services of PC, printer, LCD, etc.
Kindly arrange with our profession to meet your needs.

   Maintenance Contract

Maintenance is provided on a call out basis or provided by a monthly / yearly support contract with guaranteed response times. Enjoy the benefits of a regular IT check for your business and to provide a scheduled IT maintenance.

Our system support's specialist will visit your business at an agreed regular interval to review and undertake an extensive list of checks to your system.

   Anti virus update check

  • Check system logs (if available) for faults that may be developing.
  • Apply Microsoft patches.
  • Check hard disk capacity and system performance.
  • Check back up and carry out a test restore.
  • Check RAID (disk mirroring etc, if installed).
  • Carry out any support tasks logged for the visit .

With well maintained computers and systems, your business will stay efficient, backup and secured.